Projects & What-Knots


Current Projects:

No new projects in the works right now.  Here are some pictures of our last tree cutting. We took down a large mesquite tree outside the mission valley area.

IMG_0190 IMG_0191 IMG_0192 IMG_0193 IMG_0194 IMG_0195 IMG_0196 IMG_0197 IMG_0198 IMG_0203 IMG_0213 IMG_0219 IMG_0229 IMG_0230 IMG_0231 IMG_0232



We usually have some wood available for use. Please contact John Carpenter or James Anderson for more information.

This is just an area for miscellaneous items and adventures. Nothing new on the horizon but check back often.

We are always looking for wood that is easily accessible, wood types like: Mesquite, Bois D’Arc, Pecan, Ash, Walnut, Silver Leaf Maple, Texas Ebony, Box Elder, Huisache (pronounced “wee satch”), Hackberry, Chinese Tallow, Magnolia, and Pepper Wood. Just to be on the safe side and to keep it from going to the landfills if you have questions if we will take it just send us an email. Please contact John Carpenter or James Anderson