January 2016 – Meeting

Jan 7, 2016 |

We had a great turnout for the January 9, 2016 meeting.

Here are some items from our show & tell:

IMG_2984 IMG_2983 IMG_2982 IMG_2981 IMG_2980 IMG_2979 IMG_2978 IMG_2977 IMG_2976 IMG_2975 IMG_2974 IMG_2973 IMG_2972 IMG_2967 IMG_2966IMG_2971 IMG_2970 IMG_2969 IMG_2968 IMG_2965

A few club members talked about their favorite finishes:

IMG_3006 IMG_3005 IMG_3004 IMG_3003 IMG_3002 IMG_3001 IMG_2999


Curtis talking about his turnings, he did most of them for this meeting:

IMG_2997 IMG_2996 IMG_2995 IMG_2994 IMG_2993 IMG_2992 IMG_2991 IMG_2990 IMG_2989 IMG_2988 IMG_2987 IMG_2986

Pictures from the general meeting:

IMG_2964 IMG_2963 IMG_2962 IMG_2961 IMG_2960

Andrew brought in some home made carbide tipped tools:


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